Sunday, March 29, 2015

#1000HappyDays #Day3: Ideas come before Wealth

A lot of people think that if they are given money or capital, they can make themselves wealthy. Some people pray hard for God to give them the lucky numbers in the lottery. I am one of those dreamers.  After a discussion with my wife, I realized that ideas must come first before wealth.  If you have a million-peso idea, you can actually just start small and make it big.  If you do not have a good idea, no matter how much money is given to you, you will not be able to prosper.

Today, I realized why Solomon asked for wisdom over wealth.  Wealth can easily be generated if you have wisdom.  I want to develop my ability to generate wealth-inducing ideas.  I want to create ways to help people develop their creativity.  I want to increase my wisdom.

#Prayer: Today, I ask that I will be blessed with the wisdom to solve my problems and to help other people in the best way.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

#10000HappyDays #Day2: Forgiving the Past

There comes a time that you have to start forgiving your past self.  A lot of people get stuck in the past.  We often blame the past for our present misfortunes.  Usually, we wish to have a time machine and fantasize about changing that certain incident in the past.   When we fight with people, chances are, we bring up the past.  To really move on towards a better self, one has to forgive and as much as possible forget the past.  Learn from the past and put it in your heart and mind. Its lessons are important and not the traumatic incident. 

#stress - The Past is one of the biggest stressors in life.  The Past contains our regrets, failures, bloopers, embarrassing moments, and moments of indecision. Thinking too much about the past makes it more difficult to move on.  One has to learn how to channel this energy and focus towards the future. It is a big challenge; but, by learning selective amnesia, you will be more confident in facing the present and the future.

#force - Today, I forced myself to forget the past and do everything to not bring up the past.  I make sure I learned my lesson from these past events and make sure that if the situation comes up again, I will react differently.

My present situation also is a bit tough as I am in the crossroads when it comes to my career. I had my past failures and success and I make sure that I will not live in the past. The landscape has evolved and it is continuing to change, it is important for us to adapt and even anticipate the change in order to succeed. I will be taking a lot of risks in the coming days and I am hoping that my gut feel is right. 

"Remember the good, forget the bad. Remember the present, forget the past." - Pitbull from Last Night

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

#10000HappyDays #Day1: Starting the Process of Changing for the Better (Kaizen)

Challenge Accepted! Bring it on!!!

I tried several times to change my mindset, habits, and attitudes to "ideal".  Normally, I would have to beginner's luck to receive rewards at an early stage of the process of Kaizen or changing for the better. The rewards usually bring moments of joy and even happiness. Instead of pushing forward and continuing the process, I usually get contended and end up being contended with the initial success.  Afterwards, regression happens.  The cycle has been repeated many times over.  From my studies to my work to my weight loss program and even to my blogging. I always blame myself for having such weak willpower. This time though, I want to reinforce my commitment by having an online journal of my path to change.  Today, I want restart my 10,000 Happy Days challenge. The next paragraph were my thoughts in the past that I decided to rewrite and repost.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

My Dream Job

Everything that became big started with a vision.  2014 was very tough for me when it comes to my job or business. The joy seems to be gone and it is so hard to go on if you already fall out of love or have a broken heart. There is hope in 2015 as I want to reinvent myself and  really pursue things that would really make me happy.  So I asked myself several questions to know what is in my heart or in my mind.  Today, I am going to answer what is my ideal job.

My dream job is to basically write and travel.  I want to promote my city and my country. I want to write about how fun and beautiful it is in the Philippines.  I want to see the sights and take awesome pictures. I wanna experience the festivals and show the world that it is super fun here.  I want to showcase local goods and services and somehow show others that Filipinos can create something spectacular. I want to show how delicious our food. I want to give useful information and highlight the good side of my country.

I may not have the funds now but if I ever I have enough I would surely buy tickets, a good camera, and a sturdy travelling bag. That is my dream job.  To be a full-time blogger/writer/photographer/social media marketer. I will start small. I will start with the little resource that I have and develop my skills.  Who knows, an opportunity might come sooner than expected.

I will pray that this will happen and I would really spread the word that my dream job started with answering a simple question.  How about you, have ever thought of your dream job?

Monday, January 19, 2015

My Alternate Universe

I believe that we can exist in many planes of existence. The real world is stressful and most of the time, imperfect. Sometimes, we all wish to be different or to be someone else. Many of us would want to escape and live the life that we thought is perfect.  We can actually do that, it is called Fiction. that is why movie makers and writers make a lot of money via fiction because it solves the desire to break away from a seemingly problematic life.  In fiction, everything is possible. As in everything.  Unlike in real life where the term everything is possible is becoming a cliche, in fiction, it is the norm. 

For 2015, this blog is all about fiction. This all about exploring the what ifs and what could have beens. I would not be writing so much here unless I want to explore a different possibility. Hopefully, this blog will be about sensational possibilities.  It will be about miracles, prayers, and how long shots can change the world. 

I am just write whatever stories that pop up in mind and hopefully, it can help anyone who has the time to read this in a way nonsensical blog. This is a challenge to show if I can really write the weird things that I sometimes wished to be real. 

Welcome to the fictional world of Carlo Andrew Olano.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Buying a VW

If I win the lotto, I will probably but a Volkswagen.  Whether it would be a Polo, Jetta, Beetle, Tuoran, Passat, or Touareg, I really wanna buy one.  VW has a sentimental value to me. My first sales job was in Volkswagen dealership way back. I have mastered the features of these cars and I have dreamed of buying one someday.

Recently, I found out that Volkswagen cars are being sold now in Cebu.  The Iconic Dealership has a display in Ayala Center Cebu.  They are also planning to have a showroom in the North Reclamation Area near SM City Cebu.

Here are 5 good reasons why I'll buy a VW when I win the lotto:

5. Sentimental Value - I have loved these cars for years already and I have somehow followed its development over the years.
4. TDI - Most models sold here in the Philippines would have diesel engines.  The diesel-powered VWs could run around 13 kilometers per liter in the city and could reach 20 km/l in the highway.  Fuel savings will be worth it.  Even with the TDI badge, a Jetta would still be a the perfect sports sedan mixing economy with the fun to drive factor.
3. German Engineering - The Germans are really proud of their cars.  They are known to be more reliable and durable.  German cars usually last longer...Old VW Beetle for example. ;)
2. Design - VW does not change bodies as often unlike other brands that seems to change their car model's looks year after year making the past year's model become "old" immediately.
1. Uniqueness - The Beetle has always been a head turner. In fact my wife would want a VW Beetle Cabriolet if its is available. Since only a few own a VW right now in Cebu, having one would a statement. It is the type of car you will buy to stand out. It is like saying to people "I bought a VW because I can...".

I would really buy at least one when I win the lottery, you better watch out. ;)

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