Thursday, July 3, 2014

Buying a VW

If I win the lotto, I will probably but a Volkswagen.  Whether it would be a Polo, Jetta, Beetle, Tuoran, Passat, or Touareg, I really wanna buy one.  VW has a sentimental value to me. My first sales job was in Volkswagen dealership way back. I have mastered the features of these cars and I have dreamed of buying one someday.

Recently, I found out that Volkswagen cars are being sold now in Cebu.  The Iconic Dealership has a display in Ayala Center Cebu.  They are also planning to have a showroom in the North Reclamation Area near SM City Cebu.

Here are 5 good reasons why I'll buy a VW when I win the lotto:

5. Sentimental Value - I have loved these cars for years already and I have somehow followed its development over the years.
4. TDI - Most models sold here in the Philippines would have diesel engines.  The diesel-powered VWs could run around 13 kilometers per liter in the city and could reach 20 km/l in the highway.  Fuel savings will be worth it.  Even with the TDI badge, a Jetta would still be a the perfect sports sedan mixing economy with the fun to drive factor.
3. German Engineering - The Germans are really proud of their cars.  They are known to be more reliable and durable.  German cars usually last longer...Old VW Beetle for example. ;)
2. Design - VW does not change bodies as often unlike other brands that seems to change their car model's looks year after year making the past year's model become "old" immediately.
1. Uniqueness - The Beetle has always been a head turner. In fact my wife would want a VW Beetle Cabriolet if its is available. Since only a few own a VW right now in Cebu, having one would a statement. It is the type of car you will buy to stand out. It is like saying to people "I bought a VW because I can...".

I would really buy at least one when I win the lottery, you better watch out. ;)

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